Northville Mi General And Special Dentistry

Looking for a dentist in Northville, MI?

Protecting your oral health is a lifelong commitment. That’s why it’s important you choose a family dentist you can trust. Our dentists take the time to explain your treatment in a way that’s easy to understand. In other words, you’ll never feel rushed. Our team is compassionate, knowledgeable, and friendly.

Specialty Dentistry

Our dental practice is unique because we offer dental implants, root canals, and Invisalign® under one roof. This means that you can keep your same doctor for certain types of specialized care. Having one “dental home” is convenient for both you and your family. It also eliminates the stress of making sure all parties have the latest information about your treatment.

Advanced Technology

We use the latest dental technology to improve your experience as a patient. For example, our dentists use the iTero scanner to take digital dental impressions. These impressions can then be used for planning dental implants, Invisalign®, and other treatments. We also take cone-beam X-rays to take 3D images of your teeth, nerve pathways, bone, and other oral structures.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Our dental office is a safe, comfortable environment for patients with anxiety. If you feel nervous about your upcoming appointment, let us know. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions for your peace of mind.

We always consider our patients’ needs first! For example, our team uses iTero to take digital impressions that won’t trigger your gag reflex. We are also gentle while numbing our patients for dental procedures. It has always been our goal to help patients feel as comfortable as possible while receiving dental care.

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Dr. Donald Kiss and Dr. Matthew Thomas are accepting new patients! To request an appointment with one of our dentists, call Kiss Dental at (248) 348-7997. We hope to hear from you soon!