Dental Implant Dentist Northville Mi

Dental implants are well known to be the preferred choice for the replacement of missing teeth.

The process of getting dental implants includes: 

  1. The surgical placement of the implant into the bone
  2. The fabrication of an implant crown after a 3-month waiting period, and 
  3. Insertion of the crown (see figure 1).

Dental Implant Procedure Northville Mi

If you are missing a tooth, the general procedure for replacement is to visit an oral surgeon’s office to get the implant surgically placed, and then return to your family dentist for the crown placement. However, getting a dental implant at Kiss Dental allows you to avoid visiting multiple dental offices, because all of the procedures are performed in the same office

If you have a tooth break off and need a dental implant as an emergency, Kiss Dental is the preferred place! At Kiss Dental, we can extract your tooth, place a bone graft, and surgically place the implant, all at your first visit. Many times, we are even able to place an esthetic tooth to replace the broken one at your very first appointment (see figure 2).

Dental Implant Insertion Northville Mi

Because all the steps are carried out in a single office by the same implant dentist, it is much easier to customize the implant and the crown to get the best esthetic outcome. This eliminates the need to return to the surgeon for additional procedures if you’re not happy with the final result.

There are several benefits to dental implants at Kiss Dental:

  • All procedures performed at a single location
  • Same-day implants in most situations
  • One treatment plan, one payment plan
  • Lowest prices possible because of single-office efficiencies
  • Free 3D scan along with your implant (a $275 value!)
  • Free consultations
  • Top notch quality
  • Beautiful esthetic results

Dental Implants Before After Northville Mi

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